• An Overview of the Book of Revelation

    Activated Magazine

    March 2019

    At first reading, the book of Revelation is not only mysterious but also confusing. Understanding how the book is structured helps it become clearer. Revelation can be divided into three sections of seven chapters each, with chapter 22 (which is basically a continuation of chapter 21) added to the last section.

  • Naturalism, the Underpinning Doctrine of Evolution

    Richard Johnston

    February 2019

    The theory of evolution is often highlighted in relation to a competing scientific theory known as intelligent design. Opponents of intelligent design contend that it is no more than creationism in a different set of clothes. The proponents of intelligent design contend that their theory does indeed point to an intelligence (be it God or otherwise) behind creation, but contend that it is based on science, not religion—that it is the conclusion of scientific observation, not faith.

  • The Woman, the Prince, and the Dragon Part 1

    Scott MacGregor

    December 2018

    A mysterious woman, a child destined to be a king, and a hideous hydra-headed dragon. These are the principals in the mysterious book of Revelation, chapter 12. It reads like one of those fabulous mythological stories from antiquity. But it is not a myth. It is a true allegory of the past and the near future.

  • The Woman, the Prince, and the Dragon - Part 2

    Scott MacGregor

    October 2018

    The story so far… A mysterious woman in the heavens gave birth to a child who was destined to rule the world—a child we soon realized was Jesus. The seven-headed dragon (also referred to as “the serpent”) was soon identified as Satan. The dragon tried to kill the child, but was prevented from doing so when the child was taken up to Heaven.

  • The Rise, Reign, and Wars of the Antichrist

    Joseph Candel

    July 2018

    The prophecies of Daniel chapter 11 cover events that span more than 2,000 years—all the way from Alexander the Great to a coming world dictator known as the Antichrist. Much of this chapter is very clear, such as its descriptions of certain characteristics of the Antichrist and his government, but other parts, such as the descriptions of the wars the Antichrist will wage to try to seize and hold power, are still mysteries.

  • Responsible Earthlings

    Richard Johnston

    March 2018

    The issue of climate change is a charged one, but also one that can’t be ignored. We can debate the causes and culprits till the cows come home, but the fact remains that this planet is our collective home for now, and we each share in the responsibility for it.