Daniel the Prophet

Daniel the Prophet (Book cover)
Scott MacGregor

The Book of Daniel is one of the most astounding books of the Bible. It is astounding for the prophecies contained in it that have already been fulfilled and for the prophecies specifically about the last days of the current epoch — known as the Endtime — that are yet to be fulfilled. The accuracy of the prophecies it contains, which include among other things the exact year that Jesus would be crucified, stand as a testament to its divinely inspired author and to his God.

The fact that God, around 2,500 years ago, had these messages passed on to Daniel, many of which are directed to us in the twenty-first century, is proof of God’s love and concern for us.

  1. Introduction
  2. A Captive of Babylon
  3. The Image in the Dream
  4. Three Who Wouldn’t Burn
  5. The Madness of the King
  6. The Handwriting on the Wall
  7. The Lion’s Den
  8. The Beasts from the Sea
  9. The Ram, the Goat, and the Future King
  10. Seventy Weeks
  11. Spiritual Warfare
  12. The King of the North
  13. The Closing Message
  14. In Conclusion