Holy Covenant

“He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ …”

Daniel 9:27

Holy Covenant
“After coming to an agreement with him, he will act deceitfully, and with only a few people he will rise to power.” (Daniel 11:23)

Image: © Sergey Nivens / Adobe Stock.

According to Bible prophecy, the event that takes the Antichrist to the pinnacle of power on the international scene and begins his seven-year reign is a seven-year pact or covenant described in the book of Daniel. Whether this covenant is the actual formation of a one-world government or whether it is brokered by that government, already in place is a matter of speculation. However, events such as the formation of the European Union and the adoption of the euro by most of its members as a single currency have shown that nations are prepared to put aside national sovereignty in order to achieve greater economic and political ends. And it is not only Europe. The African Union, which includes 53 African nations, was formed in 2001 and aims eventually to have a single currency, a single integrated defense force, as well as other institutions of state, including a cabinet for the AU Head of State.

In 2004 the nations of South America signed the Cuzco Declaration, a two-page statement of intent, announcing the foundation of the South American Community modeled after the European Union, including a common currency, parliament, and passport.

The Asian Cooperation Dialogue which includes 30 Asian countries including Russia, China, and India, states that its aim is to ultimately transform the Asian continent into an Asian Community.

Those are watershed events, for until relatively recently, national sovereignty has been nonnegotiable to nations since the beginning of time. To voluntarily pass on some of the rights and privileges inherent to national sovereignty to a supranational body is a major step.

Just when this one-world government is inaugurated or what events will lead up to it is not now known, but this one-world government will not be a debating club similar to the United Nations. This government will wield governmental authority on a global scale.

The Bible refers to this covenant as a “Holy Covenant” (Daniel 11:30), because of its religious implications. At least in part, it has to do with the Jews rebuilding their national temple in Jerusalem and the restoration of animal blood sacrifices on its altar, a practice that was the heart of their religious observance until their temple was destroyed by the Romans nearly two millennia ago.