• Principles to Keep in Mind When Evaluating COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

    J. Warner Wallace

    August 14, 2020

    Detective and Christian apologist J. Warner Wallace describes several principles to help evaluate COVID-19 Conspiracy theories based on his casework as a cold-case detective.

  • Is COVID-19 the Plague Prophesied in Revelation 6?

    Reasons To Believe

    Hugh Ross

    March 2020

    I have been bombarded with questions about the COVID-19 outbreak on my social media pages and at my speaking events. One of the two most frequent questions I have been asked about the COVID-19 virus is: Is this viral pandemic the plague in Revelation 6 that John prophesied would impact much of the human race during the last days?

  • Are we Nearing the End?

    Max Lucado

    August 10, 2020

    Jesus promises to bring eternal life to everyone who believes in Him. This is a kingdeom where there will be no tears, no graves. Let's discuss the proximity of this kingdom's inauguration and consider what Jesus said about the end of times.

  • Is The Coronavirus A Sign Of The End Times?

    Jason Jimenez

    June 1 2020

    In the pages of prophetic Scripture, many signs point to the end of the age. Now, we must first understand that ever since Jesus ascended to heaven—we, the church, have been living in the end times. So, a pandemic like a coronavirus isn’t necessarily leading or ushering us into the end of the age. Instead, pandemics are merely escalating things until (at some point) Christ returns for His church. And at some point thereafter—the Antichrist (or the son of perdition) signs a peace treaty with Israel and launches into the seven years of tribulation (Dan. 9:26-27).

  • Are We in the "Last Days"?

    Abdu Murray

    April 10, 2020

    With all of the events worldwide (economic collapse, pandemic, and wars), are we in the final days of time according to the Bible? If so, how can we prepare ourselves? Abdu Murray discusses this question at a livestreamed-only Q&A panel

  • Is the Coronavirus an End-time Biblical Plague?

    Michael Brown

    March 2020

    Does the Book of Revelation predict the coronavirus? Is it one of the prophesied, end-time plagues? If so, does that mean that this is just a harbinger of much worse things to come?