• Is The Coronavirus A Sign Of The End Times?

    Jason Jimenez

    June 1 2020

    In the pages of prophetic Scripture, many signs point to the end of the age. Now, we must first understand that ever since Jesus ascended to heaven—we, the church, have been living in the end times. So, a pandemic like a coronavirus isn’t necessarily leading or ushering us into the end of the age. Instead, pandemics are merely escalating things until (at some point) Christ returns for His church. And at some point thereafter—the Antichrist (or the son of perdition) signs a peace treaty with Israel and launches into the seven years of tribulation (Dan. 9:26-27).

  • Are We in the "Last Days"?

    Abdu Murray

    April 10, 2020

    With all of the events worldwide (economic collapse, pandemic, and wars), are we in the final days of time according to the Bible? If so, how can we prepare ourselves? Abdu Murray discusses this question at a livestreamed-only Q&A panel

  • Is the Coronavirus an End-time Biblical Plague?

    Michael Brown

    March 2020

    Does the Book of Revelation predict the coronavirus? Is it one of the prophesied, end-time plagues? If so, does that mean that this is just a harbinger of much worse things to come?

  • Approaching End Times Prophecy with Care

    Kenneth Samples

    December 2019

    One of the most controversial topics that the Bible addresses is eschatology. This theological term literally means the study of last things—popularly known as end times. Scripture speaks of both humankind’s past origin in creation as well as our future destiny in consummation. Yet rightly interpreting and properly understanding what the Bible teaches about the end of the world has proved difficult and controversial in church history.

  • End Times Errors Christians Need to Avoid

    Ryan Duncan

    May 3, 2016

    Perhaps this makes me a bad Christian, but I’ve never really cared for “End-Times” dogma. As a child of the 90’s, I experienced the Left Behind craze firsthand, and nearly all my summers at Bible camp ended with a morose counselor telling us we were, “Living in the last days”. Despite this lax attitude however, there’s no denying Christ’s return plays a pivotal role in the Christian faith.

  • Preparing for the Endtime

    Focus on the Family

    January 2019

    What should Christians be doing to get ready for the cataclysmic events preceding the end of the Age and the Second Coming of Christ? Given the current state of affairs in the world, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that the Lord may be returning soon.