Anne Graham Lotz: ‘Return of Jesus in the Rapture’ Will Occur During ‘My Lifetime’

In continuing with a warning she gave last week on her website that God will soon unleash his judgment upon America, Billy Graham’s 66-year-old daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, further clarified on Wednesday that biblical signs are indicating that the rapture will occur during her lifetime.

Lotz, who turns 67 on Thursday, previously proclaimed by citing the book of Joel that God’s judgement upon America is “going to be ugly.” In a Wednesday Interview with CBN News, she explained that all the signs that the book of Joel points out as “birth pains” directly preceding the Day of the Lord have come to fruition.

“So the birth pains, the signs that Jesus gives, whether it is in the environmental world or national world, the wars, or the persecution of Christians, the persecution of Jews, when we see that ratcheting up and increasing in frequency and in intensity in the same generation that sees the Gospel being preached to the whole world and Israel reborn as a nation, that’s the generation that is the last,” Lotz stated.

“I believe with deep conviction that is my generation,” Lotz continued. “I was born just a week apart from the time when Israel was reborn as a nation [1948]. We are the same age. And I believe that if I live out my lifetime, a natural lifetime, I believe I will live to see the return of Jesus in the Rapture when He comes back to take us to be with Himself.”