Update on the coming worldwide economic financial system

With all that’s going on in the financial world today many people wonder where things are headed and whether there is a plan behind these frightening events or the world is just drifting towards catastrophe for lack of a real solution.

What is happening today around the world is a very significant shift of events leading up to the End time. Exactly how significant is still to be determined, because the final outcome depends on many things: the decisions of the public, the decisions of political leaders and countries around the world, the decisions of those who are pulling the strings and preparing the way for the Antichrist, and the list goes on.

As the time draws nearer, the coming world government & its eventual leader the Antichrist must speed up the move toward a cashless economy. To do that, he will use crisis after crisis in the nations of the world. One will be a nearly global economic crash–the recession of all recessions. He will use this crash to overcome the inertia of the status quo. Without such radical intervention, people change their ways too slowly to suit his purposes and fit his time frame.

The Antichrist will also prepare the world for it in other ways–through wars, civil disorders, and fears of such things as terrorism and epidemics of new, incurable diseases. All these happenings will make people desperate for change. Eventually they will be ready to toss out the old and embrace the new.

The Antichrist will eventually introduce a new economic system, whereby he will profess to fix the world’s economic woes. Those who want to be a part of his new economy and society will be compelled to receive the “666 mark of the Beast” in their right hand or forehead–possibly in the form of a tiny computerized chip bearing all their personal, financial, and medical information. Big Brother and the New World Order will thereby be able to monitor everyone’s every move.

Implantable RFID microchips can be used to make financial identification more secure. The use of RFID chips in animals and in humans is rapidly spreading. For example there are now an estimated 10,000 people with RFID implants embedded in their bodies capable of sending out signals, but the rate of implantation has now begun to increase rapidly. So why has a technology used to track and control animal populations now gained more widespread, and voluntary, adoption among young people around the world?

The answer is convenience. In the same way that we agree to unlimited monitoring of our private communications through social media and cellphone networks in exchange for the convenience, people are beginning to prefer the advantages of simply waving a hand near a sensor to open a door or turn on the lights.

The chips, which are usually implanted in the hand or arm, are about the size of a grain of rice and can be used to replace identification cards as well as interact with sensors that allow an implanted person to activate home electronics.

The chips now cost only $80 to $140, and vary by the type of device a person elects to implant. The low cost allows for a very economical entry level and kits are available to perform the minor procedure to implant the chips at home, though Chip My Life works with doctors who generally charge $150 to insert the chips. In describing the procedure, doctors, do minor surgery. They give you a local, an injection and a quick ultrasound to make sure it’s in place.”

The US Navy has shown some interest in the technology and some companies are already using implanted chips as a way both to monitor and identify their employees. A Swedish company has recently found itself in the headlines for allowing employees to use implanted chips rather than work passes and 400 workers have already taken them up on their offer.

Far removed from a simple tattoo possible a generation ago, this “mark of the beast” is designed to establish ID and conduct financial transactions as its primary feature. The implants are not mandatory, so far, but then, neither are smart phones, credit cards or social media accounts, even though the great majority of people now have all of these conveniences.

In an increasingly digital world that sees privacy and freedom as quaint, outmoded concepts, there is little doubt that such implants will find ready acceptance.

How far away is this? It’s impossible to say just yet, but considering the present rate at which technology is advancing, it could happen soon. The Antichrist cannot control the buying and selling of the entire world until there is an integrated electronic banking network with common, universal standards. That’s in the future, but considering how rapidly things are moving in that direction, it may be the relatively near future.

For nearly 2,000 years, ever since the apostle John wrote this passage about the Antichrist’s worldwide economic system in (Revelation 13:14-18), such a thing had been inconceivable. Now, with computers and the Internet, electronic banking, and the increasing globalization of the world’s markets and economies, it’s not so inconceivable after all! In fact, it looks like the logical next step—and that’s what the Antichrist is counting on.

The immediate future is not very bright, but to be forewarned is to be forearmed and ready to resist the Antichrist and his mark. And the not-too-distant future will be brighter than ever when Jesus returns after the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:29-31). Then we will enjoy the dawn of a wonderful new world, where the lion will lie down with the lamb and the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea (Isaiah 11:6-9).