Here Comes the Antichrist

Part 2 of an Interview with God on the Endtime

Here Comes the Antichrist

Interviewer: What role will the Antichrist play in future world events?

God: The Antichrist becomes the leader of the coming world government. By his initiative, several measures are introduced. One is a comprehensive settlement governing the Middle East, primarily centered on the relationship of Israel with its neighbors.

Interviewer: What kind of agreement will this be?

God: This pact will have a seven-year term with the intention of it being reviewed and renegotiated at the end of that period. The pact, among other things, will deal with the issue of Jerusalem, particularly with regards to the coexistence of and access to the shrines and places of worship of the major monotheistic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It will therefore earn the label “the Holy Covenant,” a name by which it is known in the Bible.

Interviewer: So you’re saying that the Antichrist starts off doing this really great thing in order to gain favor with the world, even the Christians? He’s certainly going to win a lot of public admiration if he actually succeeds where so many have tried and failed before.

God: That’s part of his plan.

Interviewer: But since these events are referred to in the Bible, shouldn’t that set alarm bells ringing in the heads of Christians?

God: Many unfortunately don’t know the Bible well enough to realize this. But for those who do, these events should and they will try to warn others. But by this time events will be rolling and the program of world government will have gained such momentum that protest will not be brooked.

Interviewer: You mentioned other measures instituted by this world leader. What are these?

God: As most astute observers will notice, even though a majority of people might disagree with a government on many issues, as long as the economy remains good, they will usually put up with what they have. So the world government’s number one priority will be the economy. Today, an enormous amount of capital flows electronically throughout the world. Nations are no longer alone in deciding their fates. These are now in the hands of international investors and speculators. Speculation on a nation’s currency or a sudden withdrawal of investments can bring a nation to ruin in days. This tactic will be used to trigger a global economic collapse.

Interviewer: Won’t people be ready to toss this Antichrist and his government out then?

God: To the contrary, people will demand that he intervene. To achieve recovery, the world government will bring to its ultimate conclusion the present digital trend in the world’s economy.

Interviewer: Electronic commerce.

God: Not just electronic commerce, a total electronic economy! In the new economy it will not be efficient to mint coins or paper currency or use other paper securities. The swiftness with which transactions are made on an institutional level will need to be able to be utilized by the smallest entity in the economy, the individual. In order to do this, everyone will need a unique identity number by which his transactions will be logged. To assure that the number remains unique to that person and can be used by no one else, the number will be encoded in a microchip implant along with other vital statistics and data on the individual and then inserted under the skin on the right hand.

Interviewer: Like the implants now used in pets.

God: Yes, similar to those. This implant will go through many upgrades as further, more sinister uses are found for it. Eventually models will be produced to be inserted in the frontal lobe of the brain. You can only imagine what purposes that will be put to. This is the famous Mark of the Beast, the number 666 being associated with each individual’s unique personal identity number.

This system will coexist for a while with current financial systems, even cash, but eventually all who wish to buy or sell or transact any business whatsoever will need to convert to this Mark-of-the-Beast system.

Interviewer:Aside from your obvious inference that this is bad, there seems to me to be lots of advantages to just such a system.

God: If there weren’t obvious advantages, people would not buy into it. There are a lot of advantages as far as convenience and ease of purchasing and conducting other financial transactions, and that is why people will be willing to sacrifice their privacy. But that is the candy coating. The Mark will not just be for financial purposes, but it will be integrated into every aspect of life, so it will be made increasingly difficult to survive without this official registration. Then this world government will curtail personal freedoms in the interest of the “overall well-being of the masses” and will demand complete compliance to its rules and dictates, and eventually even worship of its leader.

Continued in “World Forecast: Trouble and Triumph”

Excerpted from the book God on God, by Scott MacGregor. Copyright © 2001. Published by Aurora Production AG, Switzerland.