• Here’s Heaven!

    Joseph Candel

    January 31, 2011

    Since the beginning of time, people have speculated, theorized, and fantasized about what it would be like and where their spirit would go when they die. Speculate, theorize, and fantasize no more! God’s Word, the Bible, answers those questions very clearly and specifically.

  • Economic Update

    Joseph Candel

    September 28, 2011

    With all that’s going on in the financial world today many people wonder where things are headed and whether there is a plan behind these frightening events or the world is just drifting towards catastrophe for lack of a real solution.

  • Endtime Updates

    Joseph Candel

    January 18, 2014

    Man‭’‬s knowledge has increased in these last two years,‭ ‬as it has in other recent years,‭ ‬but it now heads in more dangerous directions than in the past.‭ ‬Scientists are‭ ‬experimenting‭ ‬ with life itself--attempting to clone human beings,‭ ‬attempting to grow body parts and organs,‭ ‬attempting to fuse man and beast in the embryo,‭ ‬attempting to genetically modify man,‭ ‬either directly or through the foods he eats,‭ ‬which work on him from the inside.‭ ‬They walk a perilous path,‭ ‬one that they do not understand.‭ ‬The things that they create will not unlock the doors to more and abundant life,‭ ‬but will instead unleash unprecedented plagues and pestilences that they do not foresee.‭

  • Profile of a Despot

    Characteristics of the Coming World Dictator and False Messiah, the Antichrist

    Joseph Candel

    November, 2013

    The world is waiting for a superman to come and put an end to the wars and armed conflicts, religious squabbles, and political and economic instability. And according to the Bible, just such a superman will soon appear on the world scene–a man who will be the Devil incarnate, who the Bible calls the Beast and the Antichrist. Numerous Bible passages describe some of the Antichrist’s personal characteristics. Pieced together like the criminologist’s composite sketch of a suspect, they can help us recognize this man when he begins to rise to power, so we won’t be duped into following him.

  • Microchipping Humans Where are We?

    Joseph Candel

    November 22, 2013

    Cameras everywhere, national ID cards, global positioning satellites (GPS), microchips implanted under the skin. The latest sci-fi? – No, just topics that now routinely appear in the news. In fact, many of them are no longer news.

  • Will The Wealthy Race To Dump Stocks And Other Financial Assets Before The Fiscal Cliff Kicks In?

    Michael Snyder

    November 13, 2012

    The election results made it abundantly clear that taxes are going to be going up, and right now a lot of wealthy people all over America are trying to figure out how to best position themselves for the hit that is coming. There are a whole host of tax cuts that are set to expire on December 31st, and many analysts are now speculating that we could see a race to dump stocks and other financial assets before 2013 in order to get better tax treatment on those sales. Of course it is still possible that Congress may reach a bargain which would avoid these tax increases, but with each passing day that appears to be increasingly unlikely – especially regarding the tax increases on the wealthy. Whatever you may believe about this politically, the truth is that we should all be able to agree that these looming tax increases provide an incentive for wealthy people to sell off financial assets now rather than later. After all, there are very few people out there that would actually prefer to pay higher taxes on purpose. If the race to dump financial assets becomes a landslide, could this push stocks down significantly late in the year? Already there are all sorts of technical signs that indicate that stocks are ready for a “correction” at the very least. For example, the S&P 500 has already closed below its 200 day moving average for several days in a row. Could the “sell off” that has already begun become a race for the exits?