Economic Update

Economic Update

With all that’s going on in the financial world today many people wonder where things are headed and whether there is a plan behind these frightening events or the world is just drifting towards catastrophe for lack of a real solution.

What is happening today around the world is a very significant shift of events leading up to the End time. Exactly how significant is still to be determined, because the final outcome depends on many things: the decisions of the public, the decisions of political leaders and countries around the world, the decisions of those who are pulling the strings and preparing the way for the Antichrist, and the list goes on.

This is decision time. This is a turning point. Exactly how things play out and which direction the economy will turn tomorrow is yet to be determined by the choices of many, but the world has been experiencing fundamental changes that signals a major step toward the Antichrist’s reign on Earth.

The speed with which things progress will be determined by these choices, but the world is nonetheless moving forward toward the events of the End.

Many people have scoffed that the world would never change in an instant, that one man could never come to power in an instant or the end arrive in an instant.

Well, the world has changed drastically in the matter of a few years, and it could change far more in another few months or years. The Antichrist could come to power very rapidly once conditions are right, and when that happens, the timetable will be set. So the events that begin the last seven years could come to pass very quickly, once things are set into motion.

Only time will tell if these current changes proposed by the G-20 nations can prop up the status quo for a little while longer. But whether or not these measures will keep the world economy stable, the changes have been significant and have shifted the mentality, structure, and mode of operation of the world one step closer toward accepting the Antichrist and his coming rule.

The current chaos makes way for temporary solutions which have been implemented and welcomed because people are desperate and know of no other alternatives. That is a forerunner of events to come.

There have been other major changes as well, though somewhat less significant, than the move toward a more controlled worldwide banking system. Stock markets and financial markets have dropped dramatically which made it clear to all that these markets were much more vulnerable than they appeared, because the previous boom was based on greed rather than true value and worth. Now the greed has been exposed, and the money that flooded these markets and caused their meteoric rise has dried up, along with people’s faith. When faith in these markets fails, the markets themselves fail, and this has now been made apparent.

The time is coming when a greater economic depression will hit the world, an even greater downturn in economic activity, because the Antichrist wants to consolidate as much power into his hands as he can. And one very important step toward doing that is a complete revamp of the financial system.

I’m not talking about the Mark of the Beast yet (Revelation 13:16-18); I’m talking about the precursor to that, which is winding down the current corrupt, inflated and empty financial system to its true value, making it possible for the coming Antichrist world government to grab as much power as possible during the process.

The fact of the matter is that the entire worldwide financial system is bankrupt. The Antichrist has gotten it into this position of course, so that he can pull the rug out from under whoever he wants to when he wants to, in order to consolidate power into a lot fewer organizations that he will have ultimate control of. That’s what’s happening right now.

Stocks and financial markets are dangerous places to keep your money right now, because there is no intrinsic value in stocks and shares. I’m not saying to pull all of your money out of investments, stocks, and bonds, because some are going to make it. But you need to stick to the companies that have a solid basis of value–not necessarily a solid price on the stock market, but rather a solid basis as a company.

Look at the food companies, the energy companies, the alternative energy companies. Look at the oil companies. Look at the water companies. Look at companies or organizations that are based on things of real value and have real assets. Don’t necessarily look at the current price of their stocks, but rather the fundamentals on which the company is organized and place your bets in that direction. Also gold & silver are good investments.

Look at the things that the world government & the coming Antichrist would want to keep going. Look at the things that they’ll want to preserve. Look at the areas of the world that he wants to promote. One thing you know: He wants the U.S. to decline, and he wants other countries to become stronger.

It’s basically just common sense based on the knowledge of how the worldwide financial system is going to change in the coming years. The world is being prepared for the Antichrist and a new worldwide financial infrastructure, and you need to look at where he’s going if you want your present assets to survive.