Book of Revelation Simple Overview


Introduction to things soon to come

THE APOSTLE JOHN, JOHN THE BELOVED, JOHN THE REVELATOR, JOHN THE AUTHOR OF THE GOSPEL OF JOHN, was getting this revelation on the Island of Patmos as an exile, banished there about in the 90s A.D.


Letters to the churches in Asia (c. 96 AD)

The letters reveal churches in different levels of obedience and/or apostasy, and give rebukes, guidance and promises from the Lord to each one. Though written to literal churches in Asia, we can read the letters today as warnings, advice and counsel regarding any situation existing in our selves or in our church and take it to heart.


Letters to the churches in Asia (c. 96 AD)

The churches themselves do not symbolise different so-called church ages, but are examples of various kinds of churches which have existed throughout the entire church age. In other words, any one of the things spoken of in these seven letters could be true of a lot of different churches, even today.



The fourth Chapter is what we call the Throne Scene. And He caught John up into that place to see some of God’s scenery & He showed him into the Throne Room! And this chapter is about what happened in that Throne Room, or the Throne Scene, & will give you a pretty good little introduction to what is about to occur.



God is making quite a bit of throne scene because it’s very important, because it’s another introduction to the Future & what’s going to happen, & in a sense, tell you why


The first 6 of 7 seals are opened

Another name for the book of Revelation is the Apocalypse, which means “a revelation concerning the future.” The four horsemen of the Apocalypse reveal the truth about religion, war, and economics, and set the stage for what is soon to come.


The sealing of the saints

It is still unclear what the significance of the one hundred and forty-four thousand is. Theories have been floated for centuries as to whom the one hundred and forty-four thousand are, but the fact is we won’t really know until the Lord decides to reveal who they are.


Tribulation trumpets

THESE ARE CALLED THE SEVEN TRUMPETS OF THE TRIBULATION!--That last 3 1/2-year period of man’s history, the last half of the Antichrist’s terrible reign of terror against all religions, all faith, all gods, in which he tries to set himself up as God Himself & abolish all other religions except the worship of himself & his idol, his own Image! And he sits in the Temple of God as though he were God & claiming that he is God! (2Thessionians 2:4.)


Tribulation trumpets

One question nearly everyone has is whether John’s descriptions are literal or symbolic. Undoubtedly there is some of each. Another thing to bear in mind is that he was seeing in a vision things he had never seen before—things of our day—so he had to describe them in the terms of his own experience and in language that the people of his day could understand.


Announcement of the 7th Trumpet

What’s he sounding? The 7th Trumpet! “The mystery of God shall be finished!” Now what’s the mystery of God that’s going to be finished when we hear the Last Trumpet? When is Jesus’ Second coming? WHEN ARE WE GOING TO RISE & receive our new eternal bodies? WHEN’S THE Resurrection AND RAPTURE GOING TO OCCUR? WHAT’S GOING TO ANNOUNCE IT? The Last Trump! The 7th Trumpet! (1st Corinthians15:51-52, 1st Thessalonians 4:16-17, Matthew 24:29-31)


Two Endtime prophets: their witness, martyrdom, and resurrection

The two endtime prophets are symbolic of all witnesses in a way, but they’re the two principal ones. We look at them as the leaders. I believe we’ll all have greater “power for the hour” to help us survive as long as possible during the Great Tribulation.


The Church (believers) in the Great Tribulation, and Satan cast down to earth

THE WOMAN (Christians) IS GOING TO HAVE TO FLEE INTO THE WILDERNESS FOR THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS TO HIDE FROM THIS GREAT RED DRAGON! This happens, when the Antichrist breaks the 7 year Covenant at the end of the first three-&-a-half years & the Great Tribulation begins for 1,260 days


Antichrist, False Prophet, and the image and mark of the Beast

This is a picture of the Antichrist’s tyrannical rule. He will come to power “peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries” (Daniel 11:21), but halfway through his seven-year rule he will manifest his true evil character (Daniel 9:27) and persecute all those who oppose him. (Revelation 13:5-7)


Three Warning Angeles and Rapture

WE COME TO WHAT IS THE GRAND FINALE, it really is a summary of the Grand Finale of events accompanying the Second Coming of Jesus Christ & the Rapture of His Saints! First we have some announcements from Heaven, some important, glorious, authoritative, grand announcements of what is about to happen! And then we have a description of the actual events with a prediction & a quick glimpse of the beginning of the Wrath of God to come!


Angels of the Wrath of God

IN THIS 15TH CHAPTER HE INTRODUCES THESE ANGELS OF WRATH & there are seven of them having Seven Last Plagues of the Earth


Plagues of the Wrath of God

IN REVELATION CHAPTER 16, WE ARE GIVEN A VIVID PICTURE OF THE HELL THAT’S GOING TO BE UNLEASHED ON THIS EARTH AFTER JESUS CHRIST HAS DESERTED IT & removed His Church, when God releases His judgements upon the World-kingdom of the Antichrist.


Babylon and Beast explained

THE 17TH & 18TH CHAPTERS, WE SEEM TO GO BACK ONCE AGAIN INTO THE TRIBULATION PERIOD! It’s a flashback, because again it’s talking about the Tribulation & the Antichrist & his Ten Kings & Babylon the Great Whore (USA?) & how she fell. He’s already announced her fall as far back as the 14th Chapter, but He doesn’t describe who she is or what happened until the 17th chapter.


Babylon destroyed

Chapter 18 is a description of the fall of Babylon in one hour & one day with the World mourning over her destruction because she made’m rich.


Marriage Supper of the Lamb and Armageddon

IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING ITS DESCRIPTION OF THE GLORIOUS MARRIAGE SUPPER FOR THE SAVED, this 19th Chapter of Revelation gives a magnificent picture of this Supernatural Battle, God’s final judgment’s upon the Antichrist kingdom, the grand finale of the Wrath of God, a marvellous picture of the glorious victory of Christ & His saints & His Kingdom over the kingdom of darkness at the conclusion of the Wrath of God period at the Battle of Armageddon


Millennium, Battle of Gog and Magog, and Great White Throne Judgment

FOR A THOUSAND YEARS THE DEVIL NO LONGER BOTHERS US, no longer leads his legions & his demons across the face of the Earth to plague the World & its citizens. Not only that, while he is in prison in the heart of the Earth, the Bottomless Pit for a thousand years, it says that the Saints--in verse Four--who rejected the Mark of the Beast, who gave their lives rather than to deny Christ, lived & reigned with Christ a thousand years! The Devil, bound & imprisoned in the Bottomless Pit a thousand years; the Saints living & reigning & ruling with Jesus Christ on the Earth for a thousand years!

After the climactic Battle of Gog and Magog, the unsaved of all ages will be resurrected for the final Great White Throne judgment, where “the books are opened” and they will be given their final sentences according to their works and assigned to their places in the hereafter

Notice a difference is made between these unsaved as to whether they are in the Book of Life or not, & only those not found in the Book of Life are cast into the Lake of Fire.--But not all of them! Those who are written in “The Book of Life” & judged during the Great White Throne Judgment, will be allowed to inhabit the new earth outside of the Heavenly City and assigned to their respective places on the New Earth. The worst and most cruel and wicked will be sent to the Lake of Fire.

The Heavenly City and new Earth

HAVING COVERED IN DETAIL THE BIBLE’S FASCINATING PREDICTIONS & PROPHECIES OF THE FUTURE, WE HAVE NOW REACHED OUR FINAL CHAPTERS, & you will find that it has a very happy ending, because it doesn’t really end!--This is one story that hasn’t got any end, because it’s eternal & it’s forever! So you won’t be able to say, “That was a Happy Ending,” because what you’re about to read is really the Happy Beginning!


The Heavenly City and new Earth

God’s City is going to be perfect and pure and so beautiful. In fact, it’s not going to be beautiful, it already is beautiful. Jesus has been working on it ever since He ascended. Two thousand years ago He told His disciples, “In My Father’s house are many mansions. … I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.”

Will you enjoy the Rapture, the wedding party, the millennial heaven-on-earth, and God’s eternal, heavenly city? Are you one of the saved who will be allowed to live in that great city? Receive Jesus as your Savior, if you haven’t already, and you’ll be granted instant, permanent citizenship to that great golden city and be given a foretaste of what Heaven and eternal life will be like, right here and now!